Just another Real Estate Mogul...
My name is Paul Poco.  I’m a father of three, a husband, and most recently a recovering banker.I’ve spent the last 20+ years in the financial sector, (banking) successfully climbing up the corporate ladder and searching for the proverbial work life balance without much success.  As a result of a recent reduction in force, I am now tasked with an amazing yet scary opportunity.  Redesigning the next chapter of my life.
The purpose of Take Exit 925, is to:
·         Catalog and share my experience as I transition out of the corporate 9 to 5 life and into full time entrepreneurship in Real Estate Investing.
·         Set my goals and objectives publicly in an effort to hold myself accountable in delivering on the many necessary actions to achieve them.
·         Assist and inspire others to make the leap – whether by choice or demand – to take full control of their lives.
Bottom line, this blog will not only serve as a log of my progression in this adventure, but also (hopefully in a short period) as an instructional manual of sorts on what to do and what works.
My desire to help others is greater than to help myself.  But i truly believe that I must help myself first in order to help and to inspire others to help themselves.
Here.  We.  Go.
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